Saturday 28 January 2017

Qubus Hotel Gorzów - living in a hotel

Living in a hotel for more than on year is a rare experiance, which I am really happy about. Very comfortable room, great view over a park beneath the hotel, excellent and varied breakfast, friendly hotel crew, free internet access - the best of comfortable accommodation a Four-Star hotel can offer. 

Once in a month I had to clear the room for my three to four days hometrip, but I had the same room for several month respectively. The hotel is very near to the town centre, most weekend events like concerts or cinema are in short walking distances. The hotel has a very fine restaurant with a good choice of wines and a cosy bar. The beautiful Warta shore with its several restaurants and leisure zone is within a 15 minutes walk. On weekends, which I spent in Gorzów, the car was constantly parked beneath the hotel, I did all my ways by foot. 

Monday 23 January 2017

Poznań - Stary Browar

Stary Browar - a shopping, arts and business center was designed on the basis of a historic factory, the former Brewery Huggerów in November 2003 and is located in the center of Poznań. The total area of the Old Brewery is around 130000 m² and is home to around 210 stores and restaurants. 

All photos are shot with my Canon 5D III and EF 1.2/50 L USM. Unfortunately my wide angle EF 1.8/28 became internally loose and needs a professional CLA. For this building the wide angle would have been the better choice, but it was challenging to use a standard lens instead. 


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Poznań - night shots

One weekend in Poznań - saturday evening night shots with my Hasselblad 903SWC, digital back CFV50c and a light Gitzo Traveller tripod in the city centre. All shots with ISO 200, exposure time of 2 or 4 seconds and aperture of f5.6 or f8. 


Monday 26 December 2016

Wassergspreng - tree portraits

Wassergspreng is part of Hinterbrühl, where I live (when I am not abroad). A hamlet with only about ten houses, but populated since 6000 years. Today it is a favored starting point for nature hikes in the surrounding Wienerwald. I took my Hasselblad 503CXi and a very sharp Carl Zeiss Planar CF 3.5/100 plus a light Gitzo tripod and started a short walk one this unusual warm winter afternoon, to portrait some trees.

Thursday 15 December 2016

Zielona Góra - some impressions

Zielona Góra has been known for its wines for centuries.The city is not so far from Gorzów, and on a Sunday in November I made a short trip to the former 'Grünberg'. Only few people in the streets, Sunday seems to be the day for family live at home. I visited a museum, shot photos, warmed myself in one of the few open café's and visited the famous Palmiarnia. And I did not taste the local wine, the promille limit is 0.0 for car drivers in Poland.

Otto Julius Bierbaum, from whom I own some wonderful books and read them with great joy many years ago, was born there in 1865, but I did not find any traces of his live in the city. 

All photos with Hasselblad 205FCC, Distagon CFE 4.0/40 and Planar CFE 2.8/80.

Maybe this lonesome freecing automobilist could be a hint to Otto Julius Bierbaum, who wrote the novel 'Eine empfindsame Reise im Automobil' in 1903. This was the first German book on a car travel.

A cinematographic faun

Bronce statue of Klem Felchnerowski, famous painter of Zielona Góra in front of the Muzeum Ziemi Lubuskiej.


View over the city from the Palmiarnia

In the Muzeum Ziemi Lubuskiej I found besides the historic collections and a wine museum an exhibition of the Polish artist Franciszek Starowieysk (1930-2009). He specialized in poster, drawing, painting, stage designing, and book illustration. Many of his impressing posters are in the exhibition and I think they are great. 

All following photos by Samsung S6 edge smartphone. To avoid too much reflections, the poster shots are taken from a strong angle.

Ticket of the museum

A room of the wine museum

Music room in the museum

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